Wednesday, February 25


I cracked the screen on my laptop a few weeks ago but ive commited to some live shows (using the laptop) and so i cant afford to send it away to be fixed. A cracked screen is fine, i can live (and perform) with that. What i cant live with is the fact that bit bit bit pixels are being eaten up by the crack, resulting in big black blotches. At the rate the pixels are being gobbled up there'll be no screen left for my first gig. Im using a monome for my live shows and intending of having it set up so i never once have to look at the laptop during the set. Good bloody thing!!

Daedelus on Monome

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit play an acoustic set at the Academy 2 on Arpil 1st. Having caught them live for the first time at last years HWCHs i was blown away and im a devoted fan ever since. I wont be missing this one - i hope...

Dark was the Night

As mentioned 9 times already the charity compilation 'Dark was the Night' features an array of phenomenal artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, Feist, Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear. The sheer quality of this album is astounding and from the first listen youll be singing its praises.

My persoanl favourite is Bon Ivers - Brackett WI


  1. "Knotty Pine" - Dirty Projectors + David Byrne
  2. "Cello Song" - The Books featuring Joses Gonzalez
  3. "Train Song" - Feist and Ben Gibbard
  4. "Brackett, WI" - Bon Iver
  5. "Deep Blue Sea" - Grizzly Bear
  6. "So Far Around The Bend" - The National
  7. "Tightrope" - Yeasayer
  8. "Feeling Good" - My Brightest Diamond
  9. "Dark Was The Night" - Kronos Quartet
  10. "I Was Young When I Left Home" - Antony with Bryce Dessner
  11. "Big Red Machine" - Justin Vernon + Aaron Dessner
  12. "Sleepless" - The Decemberists
  13. "Die" - Iron & Wine
  14. "Service Bell" - Grizzly Bear + Feist
  15. "You Are The Blood" - Sufjan Stevens

  1. "Well-Alright" - Spoon
  2. "Lenin" - Arcade Fire
  3. "Mimizan" - Beirut
  4. "El Caporal" - My Morning Jacket
  5. "Inspiration Information" - Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
  6. "With A Girl Like You" - Dave Sitek
  7. "Blood Pt. 2" - Buck 65 Remix (featuring Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti)
  8. "Hey, Snow White" - The New Pornographers
  9. "Gentle Hour" - Yo La Tengo
  10. "Amazing Grace" - Cat Power
  11. "Happiness" - Riceboy Sleeps
  12. "Another Saturday" - Stuart Murdoch
  13. "The Giant Of Illinois" - Andrew Bird
  14. "Lua" - Conor Oberst with Gillian Welch
  15. "When The Road Runs Out" - Blonde Redhead & Devastations
  16. "Love Vs. Porn" - Kevin Drew


Reading Guess Lists post on Spotify has reminded me to get off my arse and check it out and so far so wow. As mentioned in this post on 10 Reasons why Spotify Rocks the streaming speed is brilliant. Ive a relatively slow connection here atthe moment and youd think i was playing the tracks right off my harddrive.

Theres talk that some music is being taken down due to legal reasons but from the start it seems a brilliantly executed concept with options for Free, Daily (99c) or monthly (€9.99) memberships and thanks to the lads at Guess List providing a link for a UK proxy all you need to do is go to spotify using the proxy, sign up some quick details (email etc) and install a 2mb file. Thats it, your ready to roll.

If you have a few mins free go check it out. You wont be sorry

Monday, February 23

Elevator Fire

Really wish my apartment had an elevator... and arcade fire neighbours. Imagine getting into this lift every morning

'Know any Beatles?'

Bat for Lashes

Bat For Lashes brilliant album Fur and Gold has found its way back onto my mp3 player recently. Still sounds gorgeous

Halogen - Recycled Broadcast EP/Baked LP

Been listening to this ep for a while now and it really is top notch. Ive managed to get a sneak peak of his debut album 'Baked', due out in the next couple of months, and its sure to provide Halogen with the attention he deserves. As a teaser, get your hands on the Free EP

The Ambience Affair

Saw Jamie and Marc play the Roisin few weeks ago and was very impressed. The Fragile Things EP is great aswell - standout track being Vacant Hearts. Great video

Jon Richards

Galway Bay Fm's Jon Richards has been nominated for a Meteor Award for 'Best Regional DJ' and rightly so. Heres the details

Jon Richards has been nominated for "Best Regional DJ" for the Meteor Ireland Music Awards.

You can vote by text and online once each day until midnight March 11th

To Vote by text: text the following voterdj5 to 085-711 44 44.

Online: log onto and click on the vote icon then click 
Best Regional DJ and then click on "Jon Richards" and follow instructions to 
register your vote

Sunday, February 22

DJ Shadow/RSAG

Im currently getting ready for live shows so im spending alot of time looking into what can be done as a one man project both musically and visually . DJ Shadow rocks

And RSAG Rolls

Playlist Mix #47

Aint Nobody features on the current Playlist Mix from the excellent Playlist series. Check out the current Podcast as well as previous shows at

Egoeccentric Hangover Mixtape

I just did a Hangover mixtape for the lads at Egoeccentric featuring music from The Rolling Stones, Radiohead and Bat for Lashes. Download it for free here

Saturday, February 21

Here We Go Magic

For me one of the standout tracks from this months Music Alliance Pact was 'Here We Go Magic's Tunnelvision. Brooklyns Luke Temple has crafted a sound one part Sufjan Stevens and one part Efterklang - to my ears anyway, and the results are quite beautiful.

How come Brooklyn is such a hotspot at the moment?

The videos pretty sweet aswell

Friday, February 20


I want to highlight some older 'new' music that lot of people will have heard of but others may not. For me Brooklyn band Ratatats 'LP3' album was one of the best of 2008 and one that i still cant get enough of today. Pure Joy!


Nialler9 posted this video a while back but its only recently that ive picked up the album and its stunning. If you need cheering up, these Starfuckers are gonna do it

This is currently my ringtone

Radio Play

The Far Side - Phantom fm.

Introducing - BBC 6Music

An Taobh Tuathail - RTE RnaG

Dan Hegarty - 2fm

Green and Live - Live95fm fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=62213395&blogID=466492366

Irish Nightlife - WLRFM

Irish Beats - Beat10210fm

The Pulse - Radio Kerry

Hot Press Pick of the Fortnight

"Tenaka is the trading name of Ronan Carroll who comes from the Limerick/Galway region. He brings us a brand of electronica that keeps well away from the guitar band and singer-songwriter territories that are becoming quite over-crowded. The mesmeric ‘Aint Nobody’ has his disembodied vocal to win you over as well as cute ambient beats, modulated guitars and a touch of Radiohead. ‘Someday’ has a snappier beat but is no less hypnotic. The vocals don’t arrive until after a chilled mood has been well settled, and it oozes even more charm thereafter. The comparatively up-tempo instrumental ‘Open Up’ has a beguiling riff and builds magnificently. Tenaka s doing something that steers well clear of the obvious and he deserves attention for that alone, as well as the inventive quality of his work."

MAP Irish Artist of the Month

Tenaka is Ronan Carroll, a one-man band who creates melodic and sinewy slices of electronic pop from his bedroom but which suggest an imagination far beyond the physical. Alaskan is the soundtrack to dipping your toes into a lake before dive-bombing into its sunshine-infested yet chilly waters. The song features on EPonymously Titled, a free EP available from his MySpace. No excuses, download it now.

Asleep on the Compost Heap

Some nice sounds from Ireland:

I thought a Tenaka was a type of shape-shifting raccoon ghost with huge testicles from Japan. I was wrong. It turns out that's a 
Tanuki. A Tenaka is a Limerick man (who may or may not have huge testicles) who lives in Galway and makes understated pastoral electronica in his spare time. Think the clockwork rhythms of Plaid, the folky sensibilities of Fridge, and some hushed singing. If Greg from Masterchef heard it he might say "emotive bedroom electronica DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS".

Galway Independent

Pick of the Week

Tenaka - 'Eponymously Titled' 
Ronan Carroll's take on lo-fi electronic pop is far from perfect, in fact it's sometimes out of tune, but that's not the point… sorry that is the point. It's perfectly imperfect, it's human. And 'Someday' is quite possibly one of the most beautifully broken pieces of music I've heard in eons. Music you want to tell your friends about

TenaciousT Review


Oh there is a storm brewing in the west and what a sublime storm it is!

Tenaka is Ronan Carroll, a Galway based Limerick muscian who happens to be a Biomedical Engineer- not sure what part of the body he engineers for but he knows a thing or two about ears and what is good going into them.

He has created a 4 track ep called EPonymously Titled that you can download for free from his MySpace and they really are some great ambient tunes.   Not only do they grab your attention but his writing to go along with them really puts you into the right frame of mind…

Tenaka awoke to hear the storm hissing and battering at the window.
He stretched and glanced at the fire - it had faded to glowing coals.
He had slept in the lady’s arms, taking comfort in the bugs, haven and
crawl, as she slept in the chair, her breathing deep. Tenaka rose to his
feet, slowly making his way from the room. The corridor was icy, the
wooden boards creaking under his boots. He moved to the tribes fire,
adding fresh wood and gently blowing the flames to life. He felt revitalized
as it flared from the first child through to the pause of the fourth.

Tenaka removed the red dagger from its sheth and stirred the broth with
the blade, scanning the room for ingredients. As he poured the broth into
a bowl, he cut the stitches from his cheek, emotions firing behind paper
eyes. Quietly he stowed his gear in the canvas pack, fastened his cloak
and pushed gently through the doorway.

The storm was inviting.

Just to make it even better there is some great artwork and the humorously entitled play all ‘Sure why not, it only takes 928 seconds and twas free.wpl’.

Of the tunes themselves- these aren’t the lull you off to sleep ambient tunes but the type that peak your interest and where your foot starts tapping on its own accord.  Ain’t Nobody and Someday have some soft vocals to go along with the synths and building rythms, Open Up has more complex rythms with a more driving pace and Alaskan is more sampled with kids and kids toys and some gorgeous synth strings.  Of them all I wish Alaskan was longer but you can always stick it on repeat!

He is not currently touring but hopefully soon- for the moment get the tunesand let their blissfullness wash over you.


The Ticket, Irish Times

"Limerickman in Galway Ronan Carroll’s “’EPonymously Titled EP is chockablock with dashing slow-mo electronic pop"

Indie Limerick 

Tenaka just released an EP for free on their myspace page  and have givin a nice relaxing sound to January 09. This local act comprising of one man Ronan Carroll has been making waves throughout the land. From BBC radio to websites galore the praises seem to flood in. One listen to the new free EP "EPonymously Titled Titled" makes you understand the hype. The EP oozes a sense of chill out happy factor and transports you to this ambient place full of beats and psychedelic fun.
Ain't Nobody the opener of the four tracks on the EP is just great, it sounds like Radiohead being backed by Air just a great sound. The four track EP seems to be just an appetiser and I am sure we will hear more from the local lad very soon. Hopefully a gig a tow and a full album! Keep an eye on this one

Musical Rooms

Image Hosted by

“My favourite place to make music is my bedroom. It allows me the solitude to work on music yet also the comforts of home. Since it is also one-half my bedroom it can get somewhat messy but before I can settle down to be creative, I’ll make sure to have it clean and organized. I couldn’t work in a cluttered environment. I’m constantly striving for better production qualities and cleaner sounds so it helps to be in an area that feels organized and productive. I’ve been here for nearly two years and, although I started dabbling with music shortly before that, here is where all of my music in its current form has been composed and recorded. Like most bedroom studios everything happens through the laptop and so in order for my music to feel more organic I’ve built up a series of instruments, tools and devices that allows me to work more fluidly, instead of with the generic mouse and keyboard.

So far, my musical instruments include an acoustic and electric guitar, bongos, congas, xylophones, harmonicas, shakers, a ukulele, a kalimba and a kora. I can record all of these through my condenser mic, which has become essential for me. I also use a lot of samples for keys and percussion and so I use a MIDI keyboard and Monome in order to control and manipulate them. All of this is fed through Ableton Live 7 which is the focal point of my studio. When composing new melodies on the acoustic guitar I will sometimes use my RC-50 Loopstation to seamlessly build on riffs but all of the final recordings go through the laptop. I monitor the music using a pair Sennheiser 280 PRO headphones.

I try to work on new music when I can, but its hard to find a fixed time so it’s usually in the late hours when I sit down to work. I’m definitely a night owl and feel most comfortable, creative and inspired when everyone else is zoning out. I’ve started a few side projects where I have other musicians call over to work on some music and so far it’s going really well, but when it comes to my music I really need to be on my own. I am still learning and I’m constantly looking to create new sounds, styles and ideas and to do this you really have to let yourself go and try things that may not work out. I find it more comforting to be on your own where you can work with these rogue melodies and sounds without worrying what other people think. As I said I’m still in my infancy stage and learning every day but it’s invigorating. It’s the greatest drug I know. For me the music is very organic and evolves through time so there is no fixed outline for any of my tracks. I may begin work on a track thinking I know the main melody, vibe and feeling, but the final track can tend to wander off where it wants to go and leaves you thinking ‘how did that happen?’. Michelangelo once said that “every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it“. That’s exactly how I feel about my music.”

Tenaka is the one-man project of Limerick man Ronan Carroll. His four-track debut EP ‘Eponymously Titled’ was released in January 2009 and is four quarters of melody-fuelled electronica with many influences, from Devendra Banhart (‘Ain’t Nobody’) to RSAG (‘Open Up’). The EP can be downloaded for free on his myspace page. For more information and details of upcoming live shows, visit

Top Upcoming Irish Acts 2009

Tenaka is one guy: Ronan Carroll. He's this year's RSAG. Yes, he's that damn good. His name reminds me of a wrestler, or T-Hawk from Streetfighter, but who cares about names? It's the music that matters. He recently released his debut EP, EPonymously Titled to much acclaim, and has even been featured on BBC Radio across the water. Some of his tracks are instrumental, but add in the word "multi" and it makes them all the more interesting. A supremly talented musician, if his live act stands up to his studio stuff, 2009 could well be his year.

Swear Im not Paul

Well, not today, but from Saturday the 10th of January, you can download Tenaka's excellently monikered EP EPonymously Titled. Tenaka is Ronan Carroll from Limerick and has been featured as an upcoming artist on BBC Music. And you know what? They're right. Perhaps an Irish Sound of 2009?

Tenaka - 
EPonymously Titled
1. Aint Nobody
2. Someday
3. Open Up
4. Alaskan

Check out his MySpace on Saturday to download it:

RedTrack Music Reviews

Eponymously Titled is the debut EP from Tenaka. This trippy little record is an atmospheric gem that you can stick on and listen to over and over without having to press skip as the tracks follow each other nicely and conjure up that wonderful imagery we all get in our heads from music so relaxing and deeply organic sounding. 'Aint Nobody' is heavily Moby influenced yet very original in execution. 'Someday' and 'Open up' are soundscapes within their own right before 'Alaskan which is the EP's main contender strikes out a little more aggressively and full of intent.  Tenaka is definitely an artist to listen out for. Music for the masses

Easy Music for Difficult Ears

When this independent release from Galway based electronic musician, Tenaka (aka Ronan Carroll), arrived on my doormat the other day, there were serious intentions to plant myself down, give it a blast and stick pen to paper in order to doodle and jot down useless notes.

Of course for obvious reasons (
once again, see below) I took my time, but this allowed me the luxury to kick back, relax and partake in some simple absorption (i.e. - flake out).
Following six days of erring and ahhing, thinking and sweating, I finally crouched down, knocked off the lights and eventually... fell asleep. But first, the EP.
"EPonymously Titled" contains four tracks of chilled out dark electronica that has been rather neatly crafted together by Carroll. The release blends itself from New Order-esque bass lines with a very Death in Vegas / Royksopp feel - although thankfully this CD never falls into chasm of utter boredom that Royksopp inhabit.

Admittedly the release isn't entirely perfect - the vocals on 
Ain't Nobody slightly out of sequence with the rest of the track and the percussion on Someday is far too static - but for a debut issue, there is some pretty good stuff going on here.
Open Up is probably the best song on the disc, bringing to light some nice touches reminiscent of Death in Vegas - my only quibble being that when the track reversal near the end is somewhat unnecessary. The fourth of four is Alaskan, an nice driving track that is just the touch to finish the EP.
This definitely an excellent debut effort and while there are still remnants of various musical influences at work, I am expecting there to be some solid progression come the next release.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Off Her Rocker - Soundtrack

My name’s Nay and I’m addicted to Tenaka.
It’s been twenty hours since my last song.
I realise by facing the truth of 
EPonymously Titled’s hold over my playlists, I can move forward to a fruitful life equal to my peers, gaze no longer blinded by the brilliant, electronic sun…

Day and Night, Irish Independent

Tenaka free EP

Limerick’s Ronan Carroll offers up a superb free 4 track release called Eponymously Titled filled with atmospheric lilting electronic pop for free. For fans of Four Tet, Warp and chillout music (when that term was a signifier of quality).

drop-d Soundtrack Interview

Tenaka's colourful debut EPonymously Titled hit ears across Ireland in early January and has since gathered steady acclaim from musical camps across the country. Known as Ronan Carroll in the real world and hailing from Limerick but residing in Galway, the mind behind our latest electronica love-affair offered to share his thoughts and passions with a SoundTrack of his own.

Drop-D: Can you pigeonhole your tastes into one particular genre or do your preferences spread through an array of influences?

Tenaka: I think a few years ago I probably could have pigeonholed my tastes in music, being a fan of bands like OasisThe Beatles and Radiohead. All the obvious choices really. That all changed when I heard Radiohead's Kid A. I vividly remember the day I played it for the first time and thinking "I've no idea what you'd call this style of music but it's exactly what I've been looking for..." I'd always been a huge music fan but had never actively sought new music so the radio was my main and limited source of new bands. Kid A was complemented by Four Tet's Pause shortly afterwards and I was hooked. It opened my eyes to the diversity and originality of new music available and it felt like a darkness had lifted. I finally had ears.

Drop-D: What triggered your musical infatuation? Was it a certain band/person/style/age?

Tenaka: I think it had to be that Kid A moment. It really was defining and certainly shaped me as a person. Finding a deeper love of music and expression frees you from every-day stresses. It opens your eyes to the important things in life.

Drop-D: Is there any kind of music you'd like to know/hear more of?

Tenaka: In the last few years since I started to make music I've become more aware of new (and old) Irish music. When you think of Irish music, U2Snow Patrol etc... but there's so much beneath the surface. I've only been aware of all of this in the last few years but the potential of some of these bands is phenomenal and they really should get more recognition. It's important for me now to become aware of all that the Irish music scene has to offer and to promote it to friends and acquaintances where I can. 2008 was an amazing year for Irish music and I think that's 2009 is going to build on that ever further.

Drop-D: What influenced your decision to choose a career in a band?

Tenaka: I don't think any one thing in particular has influenced me to become actively involved in music apart from when I bought my first guitar three years ago with the intention of learning Radiohead'sThere There. With regards a fulltime music career, I don't think that's an option for me. So many bands struggle to find success, critical acclaim or enough money to survive but for me it's just about expressing myself through music. I have other career plans in mind, but music will always be as big a part of my life as anything else I do. I like the idea of working on music for the love of it and having no demands/expectations to meet in order to 'receive your cheque'. It allows you to be more free and daring. It's only my opinion but I think monetary success also brings pressures and that can sometimes inhibit an artist's music. The pressure to produce to a working formula doesn't appeal to me. I still can't play There There.

Drop-D: How much time do you spend listening to music now? Has it de/increased over time?

Tenaka: The amount of music I listen to on a regular basis has definitely increased as time has gone by. I'm an addict and I cant live without my fix. I've always needed music but now I appreciate it on a whole new level as well as needing it in order to survive. The day I die I'll be late for my funeral because I'll want to put on some music while I'm getting ready.

Drop-D: Do you prefer live music or listening from home?

Tenaka: I think live performance and listening to a recording from home should be two completely different things. I love to chill out and listen to every little sound on a recording, appreciating the detail and emotions in every track, but in a live performance I want to be moved in a different, more physically recognisable way. There are some bands whose live performances can't be missed in order to appreciate the whole package that is their music. On the flip side however, there are others who are content to make the live show sound identical in every way to the recordings. For me, if I wanted that I'd stay at home and listen to the CD.

Drop-D: How often would you spend at gigs that aren't your own?

Tenaka: I think like most music fans I could go to more gigs than I do, but I try to make as many as I can. I try at least once a week to make a gig whether it be an established band or an up and coming Irish band.

Drop-D: Would they be Irish or international bands? Any genre more so than the other?

Tenaka: There is so much great new music out there that I don't think its fair to restrict yourself to one genre or nationality. If you look at any of the bands/artists that are doing new and original things at the moment their influences are taken from all forms of genres and styles whether it be Jazz, Country, Pop, Rock, Dance or RnB. There are certain bands, both Irish and International, that I keep my eye out for, but if something grabs my attention or comes highly recommended by a friend, blog or article, I'll try to catch it.

Drop-D: Where does Irish music come on your playlists?

Tenaka: I'm a big fan of Irish music and so it features highly on my playlist but you also have to look to where these bands are taking their influences...that's what so endlessly enjoyable about music, every time you find a new favourite band you'll find five of their influences that will equally blow you away!

I'm a big fan of well known Irish bands like JapeThe Jimmy CakeRSAGFight like ApesHalves,Ham SandwichHeathersThe Vinny Club etc but there are also a lot of upcoming bands that I think will do great things like VillagersGrand Pocket OrchestraKill Crinkle ClubThe Ambience Affairand Mail Order Messiahs. Galway also has some great bands such as So CowMirakil WhipMugger DaveBlasterbraThe Followers of OtisMusic for Dead Birds and the Depravations. There's a lot happening in Irish music at the moment.

Drop-D: What do you think of the climate of the Irish music scene? Is it a good place to be a musician right now?

Tenaka: For a long time guitar bands and singer songwriters were the order of the day but I think these days, bands are looking for something different in their music to separate them from everyone else and it's great to see. Ireland's a very exciting place to be at the moment for a musician.

Drop-D: If you could choose a musical era to experience, what would it be?

Tenaka: I suppose most people would say the Sixties or Seventies but I'm happy right here thanks.

Drop-D: Choose some albums you find timeless and explain why....

Tenaka: I won't embarrass myself trying to describe what makes these albums stand out for me. I just get them and they get me.

Radiohead – Kid A

Fourtet – Pause

One Giant Leap – One Giant Leap

Air – Moon Safari

Moby – Play

Drop-D: Now name some modern tunes you've really enjoyed.


Lykke Li – Youth Novels

RSAG – Organic Sampler

The Jimmy Cake – Spectre and Crown

Jape – Ritual

Santagold – Santagold

Bon Iver – For Emma Forever Ago

Frightened Rabbit – Midnight Organ Fight

Ratatat – LP3

Flying Lotus – Los Angeles

Daedalus – Love to Make Music To

Dan le Sac v Scroobius Pip – Angles

Why – Alopecia

Wolf Parade – Apologise to the Queen Mary

Drop-D: Who/what do you find absolutely awful crap, rubbish, dross?

Tenaka: Bands who choose to play a style of music just because they think it's the 'in-thing' and that they might make it big by doing so. I like originality.

Drop-D: You've hijacked RTE at prime time and the DJ's tied up in a corner. Which five songs do you think the nation HAS to hear?

Tenaka: I don't know about what songs people 'have to hear' but songs that rock my boat at the moment are:

Of Montreal – The Past is a Grotesque Animal

Mogwai – The Sun Smells Too Loud

RSAG – Moving Image

Frightened Rabbit – Old Old Fashioned

Why – Fatalist Palmistry

EPonymously Titled is available for free digital download

'EPonymously Titled' drop-d review

Des Lynam, Richard Harris, Terry Wogan

Limerick (It's in the west of Ireland for all you Dublin types) has given us some of the greatest people ever created and musically speaking she has been no slouch either with wunder-rockersgiveamanakick and the Out On A Limb posse all hailing from that direction.

Enter Ronan Carroll, who, according to himself, may currently reside in this writer's hometown of Galway, and who peddles his aural wares under the moniker of Tenaka, a mysterious tag with Manga overtones.

EPonymously Titled is his debut EP and the love and care positively oozes from the speakers, delivering top drawer, chill-out electronica with Mr. Carroll demonstrating an enviable ear for melody and IDM noodling.

Opening track, Ain't Nobody, begins with a plucked guitar chord and gradually builds with the vocals, bongos and keyboards all easing you into proceedings. Someday's farting bass grabs you next with swirling synthesizers and an out-of-tune vocal that results in a song equal parts eerie, warm and hypnotic. Open Up is all rumbling Nirvana bass with a pulsating beat driving the song and the requisite amount of glitch to give most electronica fans that nice feeling in their pants...or, possibly, their tummies.

While living in Galway for my formative years effectively ruined my appreciation of the bongos - given their New Age association and Quay Street ubiquity - Tenaka is doing his damnedest to heal my bruised ears with his use of said percussive instrument. Alaskan, the final track and my personal favourite, has a tasty 80s opening with bongos teasing the mix. Various sounds and textures gestate and evolve, giving way to Tenaka, or the song's character, submerging himself in water and re-emerging to the sound of playing children. It's a beautiful piece and one that hauntingly concludes the EP.

The liner notes of this four-song collection tell a story about each track and if you read them whilst listening to the music it is hard not to feel the very personal nature of this recording. Tenaka is already popping up on many 'ones to watch' lists and hardly needs my endorsement, but this is an impressive and touching record with a heartbeat aswell as an electronic beat. Go out and buy it - no excuses.