Tuesday, March 31

Anyone know what a Giebelhouse is?

Absolutely baffled as to what this has to do with me...

"Because Ichiro! can hit HR’s whenever he wants, melt a box full of original Licorice Scottie Dogs into the shape of Giebelhouse, and force Ronan Carroll into making Tenaka a duo!"


Wednesday, March 25


So i set up a twitter account to see what the deal is.
Ive tried to delete it but its impossible - its like a cult.
Addictive as hell.

Come join us... we've got sandwiches!

The Girl and the Royksopp

Some great tracks on Royksopps new album 'Junior' but the stand out track for me at the moment is 'The Girl with the Robot' featuring Robyn.

Just found out as well that 2009 will also see the release of a second Royksopp album 'Senior' which will be a more chilled affair.

Something tell me itll be better than u2s second album of 2009

Tuesday, March 24

Bar 8 Gig Postponed

My gig for Wed 25th March has been postponed due to the venue being double booked

Live Performance

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Making final preparations for my live performance in Bar 8 tomorrow night. Should be fun if anyone's in Galway

Bar 8 - The Docks - 8pm - Free In

Saturday, March 21

Debut Gig in Bar 8 Wed 25th

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Limerickman in hiding Tenaka brings his special brand of Classic 50’s Folk Rock to Bar 8 on Wednesday 25th of March. His debut EP ‘Eponymously Titled’ has been met with critical acclaim, with both the Irish Independent and Nialler9.com labelling it ‘Superb’. 

If you like your Muriel Smiths, your Randy Belafonts or your Tom Mitchells Swinging Bands, then you might just like your Tenaka.

Support comes from the excellent Beatpoet with Brendan Finan later on decks. Show starts 8.30pm. Free in with this picture.

Monday, March 16


This week 'Aint Nobody' features as the very first track on the spanking new Irish Music Podcast over at nialler9.com - Thanks a million to Aoife and Niall  


'Open Up' also features on a podcast this week over at the brilliant PlaylistMix.com's landmark 50th Podcast. Go check it out  


Tuesday, March 10

State Magazine

The new issue of State magazine is available as a free download from their page. Its a great read so its an awful shame that its not being pressed anymore. I always loved putting aside time to chill out and read it cover to cover. Go get it

Incidently they've included a rather nice review for EPonymously titled:

'Superb opening salvo from Ronan Carroll, a Limerick man based in Galway, whose bedroom-recorded four-track EP of electronic pop pushes all the right buttons, filling the spaces with atmosphere, groove and bass. There's a bit of a Four Tet vibe to this. Best of all, its a free download from myspace.com/tenakadrifting.'

Monday, March 9

u2 360

U2s new album 'No Line on the Horizon' may be getting slated by most reviews but i have to admit im pretty impressed by the stage design for the world tour. Check out the animation. Sweet

Swipped from IndieLimerick

Wednesday, March 4

Limerick Events Guide

The wonderful, amazing, wise and inspired people at the Limerick Events Guide have given 'EPonymously Titled' a glowing 5/5 review. Nice one!

EPonymously Titled 


Ain’t Nobody is the first song on Tenaka’s a.k.a Ronan Carroll’s recently released EP and from the first strum of the first chord and the first note of his great voice I wanted to hope into my car and take this record for a drive. Road music. Great road music is hard to find. This Eponymoulsy Titled EP does exactly what a good ep is mean to do, tease the fuck out of you and leave you wanting an album and a drive to the beach. It’s a gentle and infectious low fi fusion of acoustic electronica. Highly recommended.

Choice Awards 2009

Im headin off to the big smoke shortly for what should be a great night at Vicar Street. Id love to see either Jape or RSAG win it so best of luck lads

Heres a band i think should definately have been there tonight though

Ive a habit of keeping my head down so if you see me say hi - Im the guy with album art tatooed all over his face...

Sunday, March 1

Im Still Broke

I had a vivid dream 2 nights ago that i won the lotto. Ya i know, everyone has that dream these days but the difference is i actually remembered the numbers! Only freaky if they were the right numbers... In the dream i had 5 numbers and the bonus but as with most dreasm it became muddled when i woke up but i remebered the numbers roughly

The numbers i won with in the dream were (vaguelly)

1 3 8 21 38 (33)

Heres the numbers from last night

1 3 9 12 36 (31)

Not spot on but close enough to annoy me...


Its fair to say ive been truelly bewitched by Marina and the Diamonds thanks to nialler. Her debut 7" contains Obsessions and the brilliant Mowglis Road but if you do a hype machine search youll find other tracks such as Seventeen, the Shampain Sleeper and some tasty remixes.

Heres the video for Obsessions