Friday, June 26

Michael Jackson

When i was a kid my room was covered in Michael Jackson posters. I used to spend hours in my room trying to learn how to dance like him and was a pretty annoying little git at family parties as a result. I absolutely worshipped him and it really was my first taste of music and the influence that it can have on you.

Although i hadn't had much time for him recently, his death has had a real impact on me, as probably is the case for most people of our generation. You forget how much certain artists have influenced you until they pass away, and how much they ment to you all those years ago when you were so impressionable.

A very sad day for music

Michael Jackson
King of Pop

Monday, June 22

Speech Debelle

What im really love about Speech Debelles debut Speech Therapy is her gentle rhyming over an acoustic guitar which is present through most of the album. Theres something in her music that conveys so much emotion - full of frustration, loss and heartache, yet equally full of hope and delight.

Potentially my album of the year!

State Review Here

Built to Spill

For the last couple of days ive been trying to figure out where i first heard of Built to Spill. Finally it dawned on me that it was a pasionate and fanboy interview with the band from Darragh for Analogue Magazine. I remember reading it and feeling his passion for the band and the music, and thinking that they were a band that i definately had to check out.

Im currently listening to their 1999 album 'Keep it Like a Secret' and it really is brilliant. It wouldnt be my usual cup of tea but its a great change of pace.

I adore 'Else'!

Sunday, June 21

Music That Inspires Me

Im currently listening to alot of new music that has just been released and also music that has been out a while but is new to me. All of this music inspires me in some way and makes me want to evolve my music to be as emotional and melodic. It never ceases to amaze me how much stunning music is out there and how inspiring it all can be.

Ive been listening to Plaid a lot recently and i have to thank Gardenhead for pointing me in that direction. Some of it reminds me a lot of Boards of Canada and thats definitely not a bad thing.

Adam kindly guided me towards Nathan Fake who im absolutely loving at the moment as well - beautiful stuff.

And finally im currently listening to is Yppahs 'They Know What Ghost Know album which is simply brilliant - One of my new favourite albums at the moment.

I dont pretend that this blog has any particular insight into any of the music posted about or that im in any way eloquent about how i write about it. I only know that this is music that affects me in a huge way and i hope that listening to these short samples affects you in a way that makes you want to find out more about them.


- oh, and i just realised that 'Yppah' backwards is 'Happy' - a perfect description of how his music makes me feel :)

Saturday, June 20

The Beatles Rock!

"I would like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we've passed the audition"

Friday, June 19

The Avalanches

Revisiting an old friend today and she hasn't aged a bit
Beautiful album!

Offical Webpage

Thursday, June 11

Top 100 Best Irish Albums of All Time

Ronan over at Swear im not Paul has done a very brave thing and made a list of the Top 100 Best Irish Albums of All Time

Probably beat the Ticket too it by a week or so

The problem with lists like this is people focus too much on whats not on it instead of what is on it and should be celebrated. Im gonna take this opportunity to check out those albums on it that ive been meaning to get round to but has taken a great list like this to remind me

Thanks Ronan - but wheres Ritual? :)

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bears new album Veckatimest has really grow on me over the last few weeks. Its so infectious

The stand out tracks in my opinion would 'Two Weeks' and 'While You Wait for the Others'


Theres a killer mashup of Two Weeks and Dead Prez goin round aswell. Class

Chinese Translation

Great song, even better video

Moby - Pale Horses

Spotted this over on Tims TenaciousT blog and really liking it.

Mobys new album 'Wait or Me' will b out June 30th and if Pale Horses is a fair representation of it he could be back to his best

Sunday, June 7

Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machines debut album Lungs looks like its gonna be a cracker. Released in july, if the promos anything to go by it could be one of the albums of the year.

Absolutely loving Cosmic Love (from the o2 ad) which, if i didnt know better, i would have thought was Marina and the Diamonds who im also a big fan of

Thursday, June 4

DJ Shadow/DJ Hero

Forget Guitar Hero - here comes DJ Hero!

This sounds very interesting and with DJ Shadow on board from the beginning giving his advice and input it should be pretty cool.

He's even given permission for his image/likeness and some of his tracks to be used in the game.

Theres a really good interview with the man himself here